Family Unification Alliance (F.U.A.) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 dedicated to the purpose of keeping families together and strengthening familial bonds. We provide a broad resource hub in helping people with their relationships through advocacy and support programs, counseling, mediations, adulting, and parenting education programs, training/mentorship, legal help providing paralegals in Ex-parte divorces, and stipulated orders that are in the best interest of the parents and children. We will provide support groups and referrals for people going through difficult life issues and adjustments including divorce, or experiencing alienation from their children.  We also provide referrals for any services that we do not supply. We have alliances with local professional support such as counselors, psychologists, NLP practitioners, mental health professionals, and attorneys that really care about people. Including; peer-to-peer support,  We also seek to provide access to resources that are effective. Our alliance provides the services much needed for the empowerment of our community.  These services include partnerships with the local family and juvenile courts. We will provide empowerment programs and services to families and individuals in Nevada and beyond.